If you’ve been experiencing dizziness – especially vertigo – then there’s a good chance we can help. These kinds of symptoms can be caused by a number of different things, but if your vestibular system is at fault, we may be able to correct it.


Your vestibular system enables you to orient yourself in space – so you can tell when you’re rightside up and upside down – that sort of thing. And it’s super important to maintaining your balance. Not only can problems with your vestibular system be annoying and drive you crazy, but they can also lead to falls and, therefore, other injuries.


The physiotherapist at PhysioSense, Adam Campisano, will listen to you about your symptoms and let you know if vestibular therapy is right for you. If it is, he can help you by taking your head and body through a series of gentle movements, and possibly show you some exercises to try on your own. If you’ve been dealing with these kinds of symptoms, then give yourself the relief you deserve!

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