Feet hurt? Knees hurt? Hips hurt? Low back, as well? Everything’s connected, folks. And often symptoms can perpetuate from the ground up. If your feet aren’t performing optimally, chances are some other things aren’t, either.


Custom orthotics can help. At PhysioSense, we’ll take a close look at what your feet are doing (or what they’re not doing) and let you know if they need some help. If they do, then we’ll create an orthotic for you. What’s that? Well, it’s an insert that goes into your shoe, but it’s custom-generated to the shape of your foot. It’ll provide sturdy support in some spots, and pain-relieving cushioning in others.


Orthotics can be great in helping to resolve painful symptoms, but they can be just as amazing in preventing potential problems.  Not every person needs orthotics, but at PhysioSense we’ll sit down with you and talk about the potential benefits and whether they’re right for you.

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