PhysioSense is a multidisciplinary healthcare and wellness clinic in Niagara Falls, Ontario. PhysioSense aims to not only provide members of the community with effective health solutions, but to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. PhysioSense will always maintain the goal of providing dedicated, quality healthcare while remaining accessible to as many community members as possible.

PhysioSense is owned and operated by Adam Campisano, a registered physiotherapist. Adam was born and raised in Niagara Falls, as were his parents. After attending Queen’s University in Kingston and completing his studies, Adam immediately returned to Niagara in order to establish his career and give back to the community. Following 14 years of providing quality service, he decided that he could improve his contributions to the region by opening PhysioSense as a hub for superior health care solutions.

If you’re injured, PhysioSense wants you to recover. If you’re unable to work, PhysioSense wants you to get back to your livelihood as soon as possible. If you’re sitting on the sidelines, PhysioSense wants you to get back in the game! Heck, even if you’re feeling healthy, PhysioSense wants to provide you with what you need to stay that way.

We’re here for you. Come by and see us soon.

Adam Campisano Physiotherapist

Adam Campisano
Clinic Director / Registered Physiotherapist
B.Sc.H, B.A, B.Sc.PT